Training Services

The world over, organisations rely on one, basic factor:  their Human Capital.  The initiative and innovation of any organisation’s employees is more often than not, a major determinant of its success.  All leading organisations cite strong individual capabilities of their employees as well as strong team work as competitive advantages.

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, organisations not only face a shortage of appropriately skilled professionals but they also face challenges to retain their top performers.

The value of fully engaged employees with a well-functioning team cannot be overestimated. To achieve this, it is essential that training and development initiatives continue on a regular basis and focus on all levels of your organisation.

Our training services are aimed at providing a tailored approach to your organisation’s requirements that will help you implement your strategy and reach your goals and objectives.

Our strategic approach and experience as professionals is a major reason for our successful training interventions.

Why us?

Our training and development initiatives are directly linked to your organisation’s success. We look at the Big picture to ensure that we are implementing the right strategies to ensure your organisation reaches its full potential and delivers the desired outcomes.

Some of our programmes include:

1-Future Leaders Workshop

2-Finance for Non-Finance Managers

3-The Art of Negotiation Workshop
4-Strategic Planning for Success
5-Aligning Budgeting and Strategy
6-Building a High-Performance Team
The Future Leaders Workshop encourages the development of a balanced approach to life, which
In-turn allows professionals to perform at their best in their professional careers and maximise their potential for personal growth and development.
Key benefits:
  • Understand the requirements of a management role
  • Assisting new managers to learn skills to be successful managers, including delegation, motivation and planning techniques (practicing management skills)
  • Setting and monitoring objectives (performance management)
  • Enabling employees to gain a better understanding of their own strengths and limitations
  • Understanding motivation theories and practices
  • Setting and using effective communication channels
  • Team management and delegation
  • Empowering team members to achieve their potential
  • Conflict resolution
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Negotiation skills
2-Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Key Benefits:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of Accounting Principles and concepts
  • Understand and be able to interpret and analyse Financial Statements including Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements and the Statement of Cash Flows
  • Become acquainted with Financial Jargon
  • Gain an insight into financial tools and techniques used in financial analysis
  • Understand the various types of budgets
  • Learn to use financial information for decision making
  • Understand the concept of time value of money
3-Strategic Planning for Success

To be successful, all organisations need to develop a coherent and well thought out Strategic Plan. The planning process requires a good understanding of the various components that go into a Strategic Plan and its execution. Once developed, the challenge is to successfully implement the plan.

The workshop is aimed at helping the participants understand the planning process and takes them through the entire journey of how it should be developed for their organization, ready for implementation.

Key Benefits:

  • Learn the art of Strategic Thinking
  • Understand the Strategic Planning process
  • Learn techniques and tools to facilitate strategy formulation and Planning
  • How to develop the Plan for your organization
  • Understand the challenges of implementing strategic plans
  • Appreciate the process of aligning strategy with measurable business outcomes
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