Service Offerings

about AMER Q

Management Consultant, International Author, Family Business Specialist

My goal is to work with people and organizations that are continually seeking to improve!
Our range of services includes Training, Coaching and Mentoring as well as Consulting Services. I realize that training and organisational development, is a task that requires attention and devotion.  Training acts as a catalyst to the development process and hence I liaise closely with your HR team and functional departments achieve the goals of the organization.

Training Services

The world over, organisations rely on one, basic factor:  their Human Capital.  The initiative and innovation of any organisation’s employees is more often than not, a major determinant of their success.  All leading organisations cite strong individual capabilities of their employees as well as strong team work as competitive advantages.

In a competitive business environment that we constantly face, organisations not only face a shortage of appropriately skilled professionals, they also face challenges to retain their top performers.

My workshops can be combined with mentoring and coaching sessions to ensure that there is genuine and measurable improvement in the skills and capabilities of the participants and hence an improvement in the overall organisational performance.


Given our extensive experience with organisations of all shapes and sizes, from start – ups to SMEs, Family Owned Businesses and larger organizations, we are confident of adding value at both strategic and operational levels.

We alone may not have all the answers to the challenges that your organisation may be facing, but the chances are that through our extensive network of international experts and associates we can help your business to grow and succeed by overcoming any obstacles that may be holding you back.

Our services are delivered in a “High Tech” way but in a “High Touch” manner. Our mantra has always been, “No Problems Just Solutions”. The solution focussed approach means that we will always do our best for our clients and add value where we can.

Corporate Governance Services

The dynamic and rapidly changing nature of today’s business environment has created increased pressure on everyone serving on a board. Whether it be a company, a Not for Profit, the board members are expected to be more involved than ever in the governance of their organisations. The heightened scrutiny from the public and the regulators combined with the increased expectations from the stakeholders mean that the members of the board are now constantly under pressure to deliver.

The Board and its members have a lot to do.  Managing risk, developing the necessary internal control frameworks, keeping a close eye on the performance of the Executive Management and of course ensuring that the organisation is on track to achieving its goals, fulfilling its mission and is on the way to achieving its vision.

Family Business Services

The business landscape is full of Family Owned Businesses many of whom have never actually considered issues related to succession planning, strategic planning or exit strategies. Succession planning ensures that businesses continue to run smoothly after the business’s most important people move on to new opportunities, retire or pass away.

Our team has helped several businesses, locally and internationally, to navigate the succession planning process.

Our comprehensive succession planning approach not only develops an outline for a Family Constitution & Shareholders’ Agreement but also develops a full plan for & provides Coaching & Mentoring services to the key personnel of that organization.