Corporate Governance Services

The dynamic and rapidly changing nature of today’s business environment has created increased pressure on everyone serving on a board. Whether it be a company, a Not for Profit, the board members are expected to be more involved than ever in the governance of their organisations. The heightened scrutiny from the public and the regulators combined with the increased expectations from the stakeholders mean that the members of the board are now constantly under pressure to deliver.

The Board and its members have a lot to do.  Managing risk, developing the necessary internal control frameworks, keeping a close eye on the performance of the Executive Management and of course ensuring that the organisation is on track to achieving its goals, fulfilling its mission and is on the way to achieving its vision.

It is fair to say that without the right corporate governance structures and practices in place, your organisation could be headed towards failure.

Good governance requires the board to provide leadership in not only setting the strategic goals and objectives of the organisation but in ensuring that the goals are in fact achieved and compliance maintained. In recent times, there is also a growing expectation for the boards to be more actively involved in shaping the culture of the organisation.

If an organisation repeatedly fails to achieve its goals, or falls short in meeting its compliance obligations, not only do the executive and the management come under pressure but the board too faces close scrutiny.

If you are a part of a board:

  • Does the Board have the right committees in place?
  • Does your board have sufficient skills, experience and qualifications to understand and address the issues being faced by the organisation?
  •  Are you receiving the information you require to make informed decisions?
  • Are you taking a proactive role in the strategic planning process?
  •  Are you providing guidance and direction to the management on the key strategic goals and objectives?
  • Have you developed a performance monitoring framework to measure the progress against the plans?
  • Do you have the right internal control systems in place?
  • Is your Internal Audit function effective?
  • Do you have a comprehensive and well-developed system for assessing the performance of the executive management team including the CEO?
  • Are you across the burning issues that boards around Australia are grappling with?
  • Is your organisation effectively managing risk?

Our Corporate Governance Services

We can provide a comprehensive range of services from board effectiveness reviews, coaching and mentoring of board members, assisting with the performance evaluation of the CEO and the Executive team to ensure that your board not only fulfils the requirements but adds strategic value to the organisation.

We are also able to take on Board and Chair roles in cases where more hands on assistance and specialist skills are required.