The world economy is characterised by Family Owned Businesses and while a small number of these businesses are extremely successful, most are just surviving. Many of these business owners have not considered key issues such as succession planning and corporate governance. The same situation prevails in Singapore and the SE Asian region.

Given the increased competition in most sectors and the fact that many of these businesses will soon need to hand over the reigns to the next generation, family businesses need to change the way they operate in order to survive.

This workshop aims to provide the participants with the information and the tools to plan and manage succession with in their businesses and develop systems for good governance in order to ensure their ongoing success and development.

This Workshop will help you successfully transition the business to the next generation.

Based on our experience most family businesses in family owned businesses struggle with the following issues:

  • How to manage the transition from one generation to another; Succession Planning and Successor Development
  • How to establish a sound model for governing the family enterprise; Good Governance Practices

Participant Profile:

  • Business Owners and Senior managers of Family Owned Enterprises
  • Family members working in the family enterprises or those intending to join the family business
  • Those concerned with gaining/improving  their management skills
  • Those with the task of improving organisational performance

Key Benefits:

  • Gain an understanding of Succession Planning Issues faced by family businesses
  • Understand the steps involved in Succession Planning
  • Develop the skills and gain the knowledge to commence the Succession Planning process in your business
  • Understand the process of successor development
  • Gain an understanding of Corporate Governance Practices
  • Gain the knowledge to set up good governance practices in your business
  • Appreciate the benefits of advisory boards/boards of directors for family businesses
  • Develop an understanding of good governance practices and their benefits

What training methodology is used?

The programme will be highly interactive and adopt a combination of learning techniques and tools. These include simulation of real world experiences through the case method of teaching and experiential learning techniques. The participants will be required to work individually and in groups as well as to undertake as significant amount of reading and preparation for the sessions.

Programme Outline


  • The unique challenges of managing family owned businesses
  • Succession Planning – How to keep the business alive?
  • Developing and choosing your successor
  • Developing an action plan to manage succession
  • The role of family councils and family constitutions


  • Governance of family owned businesses
  • Developing a governance system that works for you
  • The business case for good governance
  • Independent Directors

Amer Qureshi, FCA  is the SME, Finance and Leadership expert with an excellent track record in senior management across several industries and in many countries.  As a highly experienced consultant, Amer specializes in SME Development, Strategic Planning, Strategic Management, Financial Planning and Leadership and has undertaken projects in Australia, Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia, Kenya and Pakistan. Amer has extensive experience in the SME sector and has also been actively involved with new venture creation for many years.

Amer has been successfully operating his own accounting, consulting and training firms for many years and has advised and coached business owners around the globe. His knowledge of the issues facing SMEs enables him to provide practical and innovative solutions for the participants.

He is highly regarded for his excellent presentation and communication skills and prides himself on his ability to motivate and inspire people. A sought after speaker and presenter at events and conferences, he is highly respected for his unique presentation style.

He is also a successful published author in the areas of Leadership and Small Business Management, selling over 10,000 copies of his books worldwide.

Amer’s book The A to Z of Healthy Small Businesshas been published in Australia, India and Pakistan and is a highly regarded resource for small business owners. Amer is also the author of Making Money in Small Business.

Amer has also worked with the leading international firms including KPMG and Deloitte over a seven year period in the early stages of his career in Australia.

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