Strategic Planning For Business Success


Let us help you  DISCOVER a step-by-step approach to developing strategy, MAKE the best strategic choices and LEARN how to strategically position your company vis-a-vis competitors.

Strategic planning is critical in the world of business today. Increasing competition, advancements in technology and the changing market conditions have increased the pressure for companies to develop strategies that result in distinctive competitive advantages. The leadership and management of businesses hence face the challenge of building a futuristic perspective; pursuing novel ways to develop new products, expand existing businesses, and create the markets of tomorrow while sustaining profitability in the current times.

Building a futuristic perspective requires the leadership capacity of ‘looking outside’ or ‘looking to the horizon’ which is fundamental to setting the direction of an organisation and contrasts with the management priority of coordinating current activities.Futuristic thinking requires the leaders to stand back from the traditional operational & incremental thinking approaches and analyze broad global and national trends which are likely to impact the organisation.

Modern strategic planning involves creating networks of relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, and rivals to gain greater competitive advantage. An essential part of the strategic planning process is to develop a shared vision and mission which is then clearly communicated through the strategic plan.

This workshop will help your managers and leaders to think strategically and develop strategic plans for achieving phenomenal organisational success as well as achieving their own goals and objectives.

We will also be offering you the opportunity to learn about traditional AND new-age, innovation, out-of-the-box strategic planning techniques. If you are a company that is tired of fighting for market share in the red ocean of competition, fuelled by price wars and your strategy is reactive or you are following the competition to sustain business then we will introduce you to a revolutionary approach to Strategic Planning. The workshop includes a module on ‘The Blue Ocean Strategy”, through which you can make the competition irrelevant and create uncontested market space.

The module emphasizes the need for creating blue oceans while competing in the red ocean of existing markets and industry while providing a practical comparison with traditional strategic planning approaches. Based on the best-selling book, the participants will learn to use analytical frameworks and tools to develop uncontested market space, convert non-customers into customers and create a strategy canvas that visualises the future direction of the company and its standing vis-a-vis competitors.

Having discussed different approaches to Strategic Planning at length we will utilise the innovative concept of ‘the balanced scorecard’ which helps in aligning the strategic plans to the day to day operations in order to bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

The programme adopts a practical approach and provide the participants with the tools to develop comprehensive and professional strategic plans.

Participant Profile:

This programme is ideal for Managers of Divisions, Senior Managers, Regional Heads and Department Heads.

Key Benefits:

The programme is designed to provide the following learning outcomes:

  • Learn the art of strategic thinking
  • An insight into the Strategic Planning process
  • Focuses on the frameworks, models and tools needed to formulate and implement a successful Strategic plan
  • Practice developing a strategic plan
  • Apply techniques and tools to facilitate strategy formulation and planning
  • Understand the challenges of implementing strategic plans
  • Discover the need for creating blue oceans
  • Learn the analytical tools and frameworks for formulating a blue ocean strategy
  • Develop a strategy canvas as opposed to a strategic plan for your company
  • Implementing Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Challenges in executing Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Aligning strategy with measurable business outcomes through use of the balanced scorecard
  • Includes work-based projects to help participants in developing practical strategic initiatives based on their unique set of issues, resources and business environment
  • Offers strategy insights from the world’s most successful CEOs and leaders
  • You will be provided with a Strategic Planning Manual to assist you in developing your own Plan.

Programme Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Strategic Planning


  • Introduction to Strategic thinking, strategic management and strategic  planning
  • Strategic Planning Process
  • What is Strategy?
  • Creating and sustaining competitive advantage
  • Our approach to strategic planning
  • Components of strategic planning
  • The role of leadership in the strategic planning process
  • Developing the vision and mission


Module 2: Developing a Strategic Plan


  • Amer Q’s Step by Step approach to developing a Strategic Plan
  • Conducting SWOT Analysis
  • Establishing Goals and Objectives
  • Developing Strategies
  • Developing the Implementation Plan
  • Using the balanced scorecard to link strategy with measurable business outcomes


Module 3: Creating Blue Oceans


  • Introduction to Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Rising imperative for Blue Oceans: Background and case examples
  • Blue Ocean Strategy: the concept
  • Developing a strategy canvas for your business
  • Finding new market space: the six paths framework and the buyer experience cycle
  • Noncustomers: the way to stimulate new demand
  • Evaluating a BOS: The BOI Index
  • Business Model Innovationo   Implementing Blue Ocean Strategy: the four step blue ocean strategic planning process


The Workshop Facilitator

Amer Qureshi, FCA    is the Business, Finance and Leadership expert with an excellent track record in senior management across several industries and in many countries.  As a highly experienced consultant, Amer specializes in Strategic Planning, Strategic Management, Financial Planning and Leadership and has undertaken projects in Australia, Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia, Kenya and Pakistan. Amer has held C level positions as well as having been the Managing Director of his own consulting firm in Australia.

He is highly regarded for his excellent presentation and communication skills and prides himself on his ability to motivate and inspire people. A sought after speaker and presenter at events and conferences, he is highly respected for his unique presentation style.

He is also a successful published author in the areas of Leadership and Small Business Management, selling over 10,000 copies of his books worldwide.

Amer’s book The A to Z of Healthy Small Businesshas been published in Australia, India and Pakistan and is a highly regarded resource for business owners. Amer is also the author of Making Money in Small Business and Leadership Insights.

Amer has also worked with the leading international firms including KPMG and Deloitte over a seven year period in the early stages of his career in Australia.