Future Leaders Workshop

Helping you build the next generation of Business Leaders

The world over, organisations rely on one, basic factor: their Human Capital.  The initiative and innovation of any organisation’s employees is more often than not, a major determinant of its success. All leading organisations cite strong individual capabilities of their employees as well as strong team work as competitive advantages.

In a competitive business environment that we constantly face, organisations not only face a shortage of appropriately skilled professionals, they also face challenges to retain their top performers.

The training workshop is designed to provide young executives with the skills and the tools to enhance their personal and professional capabilities and hence improve the overall organisational performance.

The Future Leaders’ Workshop encourages the development of a balanced approach to their lives, which in turn allows them to perform at their best in their professional careers and maximise their potential for personal growth and development.

The first half of the programme is all about planning a career and coming to terms with management and how that is different to being a player in the team.  We focus on identifying strengths and managing limitations; setting goals and how to achieve them.

Participant Profile:

The workshop has been designed especially for:

  • New managers
  • Professionals with a technical background who are moving into a management role
  • High achieving staff members who are on a fast track to a leadership position

Key Benefits:

We realise that training and organisational development, especially in large organisations is a task that requires attention and devotion.  The workshop has been designed to add to your bottom line profit.

  • Understand the requirements of a management role
  • Assisting new managers to learn skills to be successful managers, including delegation, motivation and planning techniques (practicing management skills)
  • Setting and monitoring objectives (performance management)
  • Enabling employees to gain a better understanding of their own strengths and limitations
  • Understanding motivation theories and practices
  • Setting and using effective communication channels
  • Team management and delegation
  • Empowering team members to achieve their potential
  • Conflict resolution
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Negotiation skills

Programme Outline:


  • Exploring the fundamentals of leadership
  • Qualities of a good leader
  • Different types of leadership – the Situational Leadership Model
  • Responsibilities of Leadership
  • The Big Three for Business Leaders
  • Your Personal Vision
  • Setting Goals -developing your Personal Leadership Plan
  • Building an effective team
  • Motivating your team – the four steps to an AWESOME team
  • Inspiring others to follow


  • How to communicate effectively with your team
  • Giving feedback – the sandwich theory
  • Communicating with other stakeholders
  • Bringing organizational change
  • Leadership & Innovation
  • Leadership in the Community: Values and Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Updating the Personal Leadership Plan
  • The Leadership Toolkit
  • Putting it all into practice
  • Way Forward – Doing Things Differently

Training Methodology

The programme will utilize a wide range of learning techniques and tools, including experiential learning and the case method of teaching.

In order to ensure active Participation by the participants, it is proposed that participants will be assigned a number of Projects over the two days.

Workshop Facilitator

Amer Qureshi, FCA, is the Business, Finance and Leadership Expert. Recognised internationally for his innovative and creative approach to training and coaching business executives, he is the author of the book, Leadership Insights.

A graduate of the Australian National University, he has also completed an Executive Education Program at the Harvard Business School. Amer has been a CFO for Qatar and Dubai Based organisations and has worked with the leading international firms in Australia as well as operating his own Accounting and Business Consulting firms.

In order to effectively train people in Accounting, Finance and Management related areas, what is needed is not just theoretical knowledge but a wealth of practical and hands on experience gained over many years of management experience. Yet knowledge and practical experience alone are not sufficient either, you need exceptional presentation skills, a good and thorough understanding of the local business environment and an awareness of international best practice. Amer Qureshi is one of the rare business professionals, who has a combination of all these qualities.

His international experience combined with his passion and love for training have made Amer a highly sought after facilitator and speaker.

Amer has inspired thousands of people to date through his writing, media appearances and workshops and has worked with the leading companies in many different parts of the world.

For further information please visit www.amerq.com