Finance For Non-Finance Executives

Amer Qureshi’s Flagship Programme has helped over 1000 business managers to develop key financial skills.

The dynamic and cut-throat business environment of the modern era presents unique challenges to management professionals engaged in diverse fields of operation. The concept of ‘bottom-line’ is now ever increasingly important and every decision is evaluated on the impact it is expected to have on the financial indicators of an entity. To be a successful Manager and Leader, you need a good understanding of Accounting and Finance. The ability to accurately interpret financial information is essential for assessing how your department or business is performing, recognizing weaknesses and allowing you to make the decisions that will boost your profitability.  The key success factor in improving financial performance of organizations is to equip all individuals with a comprehensive knowledge base of how finance affects their individual portfolios.

How do you acquire the skills needed to meet this challenge?

This programme has been designed to equip the non-finance managers with the financial skills and tools to become better financial managers.

Based on real world examples and practices

We utilize case studies, presentations and projects to ensure maximum learning for the participants.

Participant Profile:

The workshop has been designed especially for:

  • Professionals and managers who do not have a financial background
  • Managers with a technical background
  • Departmental and Divisional Managers

Key Benefits:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of Accounting Principles and concepts
  • Understand and be able to interpret and analyze Financial Statements including Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements and the Statement of Cash Flows
  • Become acquainted with Financial Jargon
  • Gain an in-sight into financial tools and techniques used in financial analysis
  • Understand the various types of budgets
  • Learn to use financial information for decision making
  • Understand the concept of time value of money

Programme Outline:


  • Accounting Principles at Work
  • Introduction to Accounting concepts
  • Accounting and its importance for Managers
  • Understand the difference between cash and profit
  • Understand and interpret the Balance Sheet, P&L and Cash flow statement
  • Tools for Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Interpret business performance using both financial and non-financial approaches – using ratio analysis


  • Role of Budgets, Variance analysis
  • Prepare basic budget plans for revenue and costs
  • Understand the principles of budgetary control
  • Methods for controlling costs
  • Implement practical measures to control cash flows
  • Breakeven Analysis
  • Role of Finance in Strategic Decisions
  • Time Value of Money
  • Evaluating projects using NPV and IRR concepts
  • Discounted cash flow method to evaluate projects.

Training Methodology

The programme will utilize a wide range of learning techniques and tools, including experiential learning and the case method of teaching.

In order to ensure active Participation by the participants, it is proposed that participants will be assigned a number of Projects over the two days. The workshop also includes a major project/quiz to gauge the progress of the participants and their effort level.

Workshop Facilitator

Amer Qureshi, FCA, is the Business, Finance and Leadership Expert. Recognised internationally for his innovative and creative approach to training and coaching business executives.

A graduate of the Australian National University, he has also completed an Executive Education Program at the Harvard Business School. Amer has been a CFO for Qatar and Dubai Based organisations and has worked with the leading international firms in Australia as well as operating his own Accounting and Business Consulting firms.

In order to effectively train people in Accounting, Finance and Management related areas, what is needed is not just theoretical knowledge but a wealth of practical and hands on experience gained over many years of management experience. Yet knowledge and practical experience alone are not sufficient either, you need exceptional presentation skills, a good and thorough understanding of the local business environment and an awareness of international best practice. Amer Qureshi is one of the rare business professionals, who has a combination of all these qualities.

His international experience combined with his passion and love for training have made Amer a highly sought after facilitator and speaker.

Amer has inspired thousands of people to date through his writing, media appearances and workshops and has worked with the leading companies in many different parts of the world.

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