Extracting Financial Value from your Business

We will help you to conduct a Financial Health Check of Your Business & show you how to Make Money from Investments to secure your financial future!

Most business owners are often too busy managing the day to day operations of the business to focus on the strategic aspects of their business. They often assume that once they are ready to retire, their business will be sold for lots of money to an enthusiastic buyer leaving them to retire and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, this is often not the case.

To extract financial value from your business takes concentrated effort and a strategic approach. As a business owner you cannot assume that you will be able to exit your business at a time of your choosing and for a price that you desire.

The plan and execute your exit strategy successfully takes time. At the same time, if your business is doing well, why not extract value progressively, thus allowing you to accumulate wealth outside of the business.

In this two day workshop, we will show you the different ways to extract value from your business and outline the financial planning process along with the techniques and tools to enable you to start building wealth outside of the business.

It’s time to start taking control of your business.

Participant Profile:

This programme is ideal for Business Owners and Managers of Small and Medium Sized businesses.

Key Benefits:

The programme is designed to provide the following learning outcomes:

  • Analyse the financial performance of your business
  • Understand the various exit strategies available
  • Gain an understanding of how businesses are valued
  • Appreciate the process for the sale/liquidity event of a business
  • Understand the financial planning process
  • How to utilise the business and its cash flow to build other assets
  • Investment Options and risk products available
  • Develop strategies to achieve your financial goals

Programme Outline:

Module 1: The Exit Options and Process
  • Analysing your business and its financial performance
  • The valuation principles and guidelines for Small Businesses
  • Your Exit Strategy
  • To Sell, Merge or do a Management Buyout
  • The Due Diligence Process
  • Preparing yourself for the sale/merger/liquidity event
  • How to enhance value of your business?
  • The legal Issues


Module 2: Financial Planning Process 
  • The financial planning process
  • Establishing your financial goals and objectives
  • How to use the business cash flow to build other assets
  • Understanding your risk profile
  • Choosing the right insurance products
  • What if?
  • Understanding the investment process
  • The investment options
  • Dealing with volatility
  • Achieving your financial goals

Amer Qureshi, FCA  is the SME, Finance and Leadership expert with an excellent track record in senior management across several industries and in many countries.  As a highly experienced consultant, Amer specializes in SME Development, Strategic Planning, Strategic Management, Financial Planning and Leadership and has undertaken projects in Australia, Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia, Kenya and Pakistan. Amer has extensive experience in the SME sector and has also been actively involved with new venture creation for many years.

Amer has been successfully operating his own accounting, consulting and training firms for many years and has advised and coached business owners around the globe. His knowledge of the issues facing SMEs enables him to provide practical and innovative solutions for the participants.

He is highly regarded for his excellent presentation and communication skills and prides himself on his ability to motivate and inspire people. A sought after speaker and presenter at events and conferences, he is highly respected for his unique presentation style.

He is also a successful published author in the areas of Leadership and Small Business Management, selling over 10,000 copies of his books worldwide.

Amer’s book The A to Z of Healthy Small Businesshas been published in Australia, India and Pakistan and is a highly regarded resource for small business owners. Amer is also the author of Making Money in Small Business.

Amer has also worked with the leading international firms including KPMG and Deloitte over a seven year period in the early stages of his career in Australia.