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I have known Amer for over five years now. He assisted IFC’s work in promoting good corporate governance practices in Pakistan in 2007 and 2008 through training for family-owned SMEs on succession planning and governance. Amer was also instrumental in helping to launch a series of TV discussion programs on the need for good governance practices in the Pakistani corporate sector. This program went a long way in disseminating the concept and the principles of good governance and raised the bar in many companies for such practices. Since then a large number of companies in Pakistan have adopted Corporate Governance codes.

Amer is an exceptional professional and entrepreneur, with a passion for raising the standards of small businesses so that they can contribute even more to the economic development of a country. He is highly skilled and motivated, and his enthusiasm, honesty and integrity ensure that he does a good job.

Kaiser Naseem
International Development Banker

Dear Amer,

Thank you very much for an amazing learning experience. All participants gave very good feedback. None of us was expecting that Finance could be taught in such an easy way. We all were scared but at the end we realize that it is not to be feared rather this learning will help us understand our business in a better way.

Fareha Zafar Saeed
Deputy General Manager | Organizational Development (OD)
Interloop Ltd

Very knowledgeable person

Head of finance, QFCRA, Qatar


Friendly, Sharing Person. Experienced person which is very inspiring

Manager Finance, DEWA, UAE


Very Good Trainer, used clear and logical examples

Budget Controller, QAPCO, Qatar

 Made Training interesting with exciting activites

Emiratization coordinator, TTEOM, UAE


He has knowledge & command on the subject

CFO, KCCEC, Kuwait


Very Confident & Knowledgeable

AMD, KCCEC, Kuwait


The Trainer was knowledgeable about the topic and was able to relate information presented to participants

Financial Reporting specialist, Zayed University, UAE


Amer is a highly intelligent individual with excellent communication skills and leadership qualities. Very professional in his dealings, and a very hard working person with high morals and work ethic. Definitely a team player who is a life-long learner and self-motivated.

Marios Katsioloudes
Professor of Management at Qatar University


Amer is not only a person of integrity, he is an outstanding CFO and a team leader. During our work together, I could always depend on Amer to help in business planning and in presenting new creative ideas to help us achieve our strategic goals. He is energetic, accurate, creative, dependable, and mostly importantly, possesses a clear strategic vision.

Mustapha Sakka, MBA, PMP
General Manager ucdoffshore.com turnkey oil drilling services, private jet leasing, construction, trading, infrastructure


Amer is a knowledgeable and passionate supporter of innovation and entrepreneurship. His experience and insights have allowed him to successfully mentor, advise, educate and invest in entrepreneurs and early stage companies internationally.

Lachlan Blackhall
Co-founder and CTO @ Reposit Power

 During my interactions with Amer, I have found him to be extremely methodical in his approach towards training and mentoring people. He has the ability to connect with people in a short span of time, and helps them bring the very best out of them. He is an intelligent and energetic individual whose professional ethics are commendable.

Nabeel A. Qadeer, PMP®
Project Manager & Entrepreneur

Working with Mr. Amer has been a truly rewarding journey. I have personally learnt a great deal from him from time-management to effective team management skills. He is a thorough professional and with his immaculate teaching methodology, he makes each session absolutely engaging and informative. He keeps the audience on their toes and adds a touch of sweet humour to brighten up the atmosphere. Moreover, he also helped and supported Plan9 in all kinds of times. He has never turned his back on the young and eager team who was always willing to improve. We were honored to have him on board in organizing Pakistan’s first investors conference and introduced us to the likes of Bill Morrow. I wish to continue working with him in the future too.

Hafsa Shorish
Program Manager
Punjab Information Technology Board
Government of the Punjab

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